Yemen is as ancient as time. The following images and footage are of Hadra Mout, which is a traditional centre of learning. Hadra Mout is famous for the knowledge that comes out of there as well as its teachers who are all Haba'ib. The Haba'ib are all descendants of family of the Prophet (saw) from the line of Hassan (ra), the Prophet's grandson (saw).

Attracting students from all over the world, Hadra Mout has been pivotal in preserving the true Tradition of knowledge. Yemenis are generally Arab in race and further south there is a common mix with those of Eriterian and Somali origin. Yemen is troubled in recent times and has even been labelled a 'hotspot' because of instability that is affecting the north. For anyone intending to travel to Yemen it could prove difficult, which is why we are grateful for the following captured images and video.

The Yemenis are famous for their pure, wonderful voices and their tradition of the Maulid. Held near enough twice a week, it is an occasion of real joy and blessing.
The highlight in Hadra mout is the celebration of Prophet Hud (ra), who is buried there. Every year thousands flock and as you can imagine it is a real spiritual experience.

It was the Yemenis through their trade with the Malay and Indian peninsulas that spread Islam that way, and for once by peaceful means.....Yemen was mentioned along with Sham as one of the places to visit..........