Meet the Team

'Alamiyah is run entirely by volunteers who generously support through their time, self and wealth, all of which entail great sacrifice in an age where we often find we are in shortage of all three.

It's organisational structure comprises of a committee for mature consultation, the Shurah, headed by Saiyede Sheikh Aleey himself as Director of the Institute. Within the Shurah you find volunteers of all backgrounds and experience, with the criteria for partaking in the regular decision-making being simply a willingness to voluntarily agreeing to do so.

Outside of this team we have multiple teams, some comprising many people and others just an individual, with the space for people to contribute in a manner they feel most comfortable with. All stu dents and volunteers have direct access to the Sheikh, with the Shurahs role being complimentary to such direct contributions.

It is a dynamic and exciting space within which to work, and for many it has been an opportunity to develop and grow in ways that otherwise would not have been possible.  The community is strong and supportive, and everyone who wants to contribute finds a way and space in which to do so.

Here we give an introduction to just a few of those volunteers