The learning here at the Alamiyah Institute is in an on-going process where people from all walks of life come and continue to benefit. As much as it is inside the class, the learning is out of the class too, in the arena of the world, in every situation that we face.

With this guidance, students are equipped with the knowledge to enter and face 'the arena of trials and tribulations' and find sweetness in their circumstances, a sweetness unlike any other that nurtures love between creation and our Creator. 

With this teaching as a frame of reference, students are given the freedom to learn arts, skills and various other knowledges from leading masters all over the world and excel in their respective fields.

In this section you can watch and listen to clips taken from lessons taught by Sheikh Aleey as well as download the text from which they are taught. You can also gain a brief insight to some of the experiences and expressions of students and meet some of the people who volunteer their time in order to better themselves and their community for God's sake. 


LIVE LESSONS - (in association with Alamiyah Souq)  

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