Alamiyah Schools

Alamiyah Schools is an initiative of the 'Alamiyah Institute, committed to reviving the transformative spirit of Prophetic Education.  The aim of the 'Alamiyah Schools project is to establish a blueprint for a Holistic Educational System from the early years through to pre-university level to educate mind body and spirit.  The system will fuse best educational practice from both East and West, whilst encompassing every aspect of the school from teacher training and curriculum development to diet and uniform.  Our research on educational provision globally has concluded a significant need to develop curricula that are fully integrated with the ideals of Prophetic guidance.  In doing so we hope to prevent our schools from falling prey to the inevitable contradictions that arise in the absence of such a structure and ensure that all aspects of the school convey the broad and inclusive message of unity (Tauhid).


The Alamiyah Pre-School - Now Open

Alamiyah Pre-School Montessori Mathematics Workshop

Friday 28th October 2011

Fundraising : Sponsored Trek to the Summit of Ben Nevis in Scotland