Alamiyah Pre-School - Progress

Alamiyah Pre-school is up and running......

After months of planning, passion, hard work and dedication by the Pre-school teachers, management committee and the local community the Pre-school has evolved from what was essentially a bare room into an exciting, warm and beautiful classroom environment. Everywhere you turn there is something to attract and invite the senses towards a unique learning experience.

Every aspect of the school from the building modifications down to the books selected for the library was given a lot of care and attention. The school now hosts a range of Montessori spaces, which offers children a variety of learning opportunities. The ‘practical life’ space comes complete with a fully functioning child sized kitchen with a sink, cupboards, dining table and even real dinnerware.

The ‘library’ is warm and inviting and furnished with a bespoke rug, cushions, seating and throws and of course a carefully selected range of reading material. This space is used for children to read independently as well as for group reading circles. The Montessori sensorial space comes resourced with materials, which invigorate the senses. These are just highlights of what is in store for the children on a daily basis.

However, our most proudest and unique feature through which we hope the children’s focus is directed to Allah, is the custom

Building Modifications designed and built ‘mosque area’. This space is a haven and centre of balance for the children and teachers during the school day. It has been decorated with a beautiful green rug, which matches the green dome of the mosque and like most mosques; it also comes with its own authentic Turkish tiles with Arabic Calligraphy surrounded by beautiful geometric and biomorphic designs.

The Pre-school premises also includes new toilets and sinks and a freshly redecorated bath- room. There is a separate office for administration and meetings with parents. The waiting area/cloakroom has custom built ‘cubbies’ which have a section at the bottom for shoes, coat hooks for hanging clothes and housing lunch boxes and on top of the cubbies are individual boxes for children to store spare clothes and other essentials. The design of this unique construction means that children can actually sit down on the unit and put on shoes and clothing independently and with ease.

The school opened it’s doors to it’s first pupils and parents on the 12th of September. Initial responses indicate that parents and children are very happy with the Pre-school environment. It has been through the continued help and support of the parents, the community and our friends and family that the Pre-school is up and running.

We would like to thank all the people who were involved in this project. Your contribution was invaluable. Finally this ‘miracle’ of a project could not have happened without Allah. May He accept our deeds and continue to help us.

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