Travel Blogs


'Travel is wise,
           Travel is benefit,
                   Travel in order to rise......'

The Prophet (saw) would always send his Companions out on travel and encourage them to report and relate their experiences on their return.

One of his (saw) famous sayings is 'Travel for knowledge even if it be unto China' 
and in the same way some of the Sheikhs (ra) suggest to take the 'i' out of holiday and change it to 'y' get HOLYDAY .......

'Learning to read the Universe' is the motto and to travel with the correct intention develops one's spiritual, mental and physical state, as well as uplifting and embueing wisdom and compassion in one's outlook and understanding of here, our temporal stay on planet Earth.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) said,

I am in this world like a traveller who takes shade under a tree, only to resume his journey.

To consider this world transient and to perceive life as a journey are familiar concepts to many ancient traditions. The parable of the journey and its purpose are displayed throughout existence; the microcosmic route the electron takes around the nucleus in an atom; the sacred pilgrimage to Mecca and the macrocosmic expansion of the entire universe. The outward journey the seeker takes becomes an analogy for the spiritual journey. A journey from God to God.

In relation to this some scholars have said that there are three types of people in this world; the non-traveller, the traveller and those who have arrived.
The non-traveller is in fact a traveller unconscious of his journey, an individual unaware and heedless of any true purpose or meaning in his life, displaying an ‘eloquent dance to nowhere’.
This includes non-believers as well as believers without guidance.

The Quran asks ‘where then are you going?’    

For the traveller or those who are conscious of their journey to God the question is rhetorical, since it is self-evident that there is a clear goal and destination...