The Great India

India is a place one can never exhaust. Changing at at a rapid pace the following presentation will surely be of value in years to come as it will surely have changed again and again. Over 50 languages are spoken in India and if including the caste system over 50 different races of people. 

India is one of those places where everywhere you look is a picture. This trip was a lone trip. Everywhere from Daramshala, home of the Buddhai Lama in the north, and Am ritsar, the mecc a for Sikhism to Ajmer Sharif, home of Sh Muindin Chisti (ra) and further south, home of the indigineous Tamils was visited. The following images though do not contain images of mid and east India.

Poverty is a given in India, but yet it feels like the centre of everything is going on 24/7. What was wonderful was how faithful every person is, i.e not one person is faithless or questions the idea of a Godhead. This adds something enigmatic, spiritual, mystical, vibrant, ancinet, current and real to the whole experience. Whether it be the desert of Rajhastan or the madness of Bombay, the hills of the north or the lush and sea of the south people are real and connected to a faith. This is certainly refreshing in a part of the world where the innate quality of faith is continuosly being questioned, doubted and undermined.........

The following is the first series of Great Indiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!