Iran 2010



'if there was a peoples who could get to the moon it would be the Persians'....

this is in reference to the great drive, zeal and passion special to the Persian people.

Well before the avent of Islam, Persia was the only safe haven given to the Jewish people.


A country of three seasons at one time, people of white, black, chinese

and home to a healthy Zoroastrian, Jewish, Christian and Muslim heritage past and present,

Iran is truly enlightening!


Being predominantly Shia, any shrine belonging to Family of the Prophet(saw) is meticulously preserved and visited

as it should be. The Muslims of Iran are certainly amongst the most courteous, polite and giving anywhere in the world.

They are wonderfully tolerant and calm in nature. This can certainly be attributed to their education.Iranians are in the majority very well educated

which is the main factor as to why they do not suffer this wave of extremism that seems to have poisoned some regions of that part of the world.

Nearly almost every citizen knows a portion of poetry and history and will always try a smile!


The folowing will enlighen............