Mr and Mrs Busy

Mr and Mrs Busy 


It’s a busy, busy, busy world

t.v, radio, work, work, work all in a rush, 

all in a hurry, 

no-one is thinking,

not a worry


Just a blink all will go 

and leave behind an empty soul

still a busy, busy, busy world


What do I love…..

I love the rain that glitters at night against the bold, bright street light 

I love the trees with their branches stretching ever spreading and their leaves ever swaying in the breeze

I love the sky that makes me ponder and ask why Why am I here? 


And the birds that rip through the air flying here, there, here 


There is so much I love as I look around there is so much beauty so much to feel 



This world is much more than just a stunning painting……

it points to the Real,

through deep reflection you will see utter perfection 


Life is a dance 

Life is a dance

so let the Beloved lead

follow His guide………


Follow His lead trust utterly in Him even in the swirls and whirls 

If you just flow and follow In loving submission you’ll never trip or hurt yourself

People are crazy

People are crazy….. they live their lives as if everything is normal 


For night to go 

and day to appear for rain to fall and sun to glow 

And still we do not know why it is all a miracle why oh why 

Do we treat it all as a lie! 


Hanan Jama